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There are over 2,000 US Universities that offer athletic football (soccer) scholarships, so finding the right college for you is the easy part! 

Scholarship Sports USA has assisted and supported talented, passionate footballers since 2014. Players who wish to advance their careers, life prospects and future should only apply. Graduating university with a bachelor’s degree, all the while living in the United States of America, competing to be crowned "national champions", is what dreams are made from. Let SSUSA deliver those dreams to you. If you’re prepared to put in the hours on the training ground and in the classroom, then America is the right destination for you.


Imagine waking up in New York City, California, or Florida. SSUSA can make that happen for you. Picture scoring your first goal in Miami, Florida, winning your conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and flying to the National Tournament in Malibu Beach, California... These are just some of the destinations you could be playing your collegiate football. The United States College system is heavily funded and the standard of football is tremendously high. Signing for SSUSA will give you the best possible platform to make an immediate impact in the United States. Whether you are looking at turning professional or simply looking to continue playing at a top level whilst gaining your bachelor’s degree, then SSUSA is the only choice for you.


Once we have assessed your ability, you will be offered a place with SSUSA. You will then have an online portfolio created, which can be accessed by all our American coaches. Depending upon both your academic and athletic ability, we can begin targeting the colleges that best fit YOU. Then it will be your chance to shine! You will be invited to attend one of our showcase games, where we will have our US coaches in attendance. After your successful showcase we will assist you in receiving the best scholarship package.


We will walk you through every step of the way from registering for your SATs to obtaining medical insurance. To get you ready for the United States we will issue you with a FREE strength and conditioning programme. The opportunity to head Stateside will improve you as a player, person and more importantly will enhance your future as a university graduate. As I’m sure you are aware the cost of education in the England continues to rise so scholarships are a fantastic way to reduce the cost of university fees. Heading to the USA on a soccer scholarship creates a cheaper option for you and your family. Simply fill out our free evaluation form today to get the process started!

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Scholarship Sports USA

SSUSA's Mission is to "provide exceptional athletic and academic placement for individuals eager to pursue their American dream"

Secured over $2,000,000 in
scholarship funding

Placing players at elite
schools since 2014

Personal connections to

2,500+ schools

Assigned a personal

consultant to guide you

through the entire process.


"SSUSA prides itself on recruiting players who are willing to go the extra mile. Players must demonstrate they have the qualities on and off the field, to be accepted into the SSUSA athlete program."

Typically, we recommend players starting the process around 18 months before they are due to start university. This allows enough time to get everything sorted, including video footage, hitting relevant paperwork deadlines and additional time to study for the SAT/ACT test. To study in America it takes dedication, hard work and a willingness to learn. This should be translated into your approach when it comes to selecting which institution in best for you. At SSUSA, we like to find out what each player likes, and match their interests with a school that will bring out the best in them, and help them reach their potential.

College soccer is an ever evolving medium, which continues to sky rocket, as more and more players from overseas embark on the United States to take up a scholarship in the sport they love, in the hope of making it professional. College soccer will shock you if you do not prepare yourself before pre-season. You don't want to be left behind, as college soccer athletes are unbelievably fit. Come into pre-season out of shape and you're in for a rough ride to get back into the team. If you come into pre-season in shape, you can certainly expect to see game time right off the bat. Being ahead of the curve is something that you should be striving for. But, "How do I get ahead of the curve?", we hear you ask... Scholarship Sports USA have you covered, we have designed an individually specific weight training program which has been certified and collaborated on by strength and conditioning coaches in the USA. We also have a sprint training program, and a nutritional meal plan from our good friends Soccer Supplement. All our athletes get given these programs when they become an SSUSA athlete, so why not sign up today!


Getting a scholarship in the USA is made easy by Scholarship Sports USA. What are you waiting for? Let SSUSA take care of your every need and let go of the headaches and hassles that is the recruiting process. Enjoy scholarship support for your entire stay whilst you are studying and playing in the USA. We provide 24/7 scholarship support and will be available to answer any problems, queries, concerns & questions should you need. Getting a scholarship in the USA should be a wonderful moment, and achievement for any player, so allow SSUSA to bring your dream to reality! Get started on your journey today by completing our free eligibility assessment, found here