There are over 2,000 US universities that offer athletic football (soccer) scholarships, so finding the right college for you is the easy part!

What is a scholarship?
Can international students get scholarships in the USA?
How many scholarships are there in the NCAA?
How many scholarships can each school give out?
How many players are in a college soccer team?
What is a full-ride scholarship?
Are full-ride scholarships common?
How many college soccer teams are there?
Am I eligible for a scholarship in the USA?
What additional costs are there?
Is there much paperwork I need to complete before leaving for the USA?
How much scholarship can I receive?
What happens once I have been offered a scholarship?
What would help to speed up the process?
What is the standard like in the USA?
Do you get any 'time off' during the semesters?
How do you travel to away games?
Who pays for the travel?
Can I transfer if i don't like my school?
Where do I live when i'm at university in the USA?
What is a typical day like for a college soccer player?
Are tests in the USA hard?
What is a GPA?
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